Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam

Although 'Dome' refers to the arched parts of a ceiling, there are no round shapes involved in the construction. The music hall, located in Amsterdam, looks like a black box of 90 by 90 metre with a height of 30 metre. The exterior walls of the dome is covered with 840.000 LED lights that can display video images.

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Hotel Avalon Riga in Riga

A modern hotel built with a lot of glass and steel. The lobby is open and spacious. The hotel is conveniently located in the center of Riga and has 111 rooms.

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Bede Academy in Blyth

Bede Academy is an 3-18 academy, located in Blyth, Northumberland in England.

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Modern production methods, computerised yet custom-made. Customer-, and solution oriented. These are frases that best describe REINÆRDT Deuren bv.


19.072018Holiday season at REINÆRDT

We would like to inform you that REINÆRDT is closed during the weeks 31-32-33 ...

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11.042014Bamboo also introduced in Germany

Since the end of January 2014 we took the next step and introduced our bamboo ...

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