Again a test passed… 60 minutes fire resistant

On 4th of October we executed a fire test together with the FND. The aim was to determine the fire resistance of a double wooden door construction and a top panel in accordance with the EN1634-1:2012.

The in-between solution was an astragal of traditional red hardwood. The construction was mounted in accordance with the EN1363-1:2012 - defined standard flexible supporting construction. The construction was equipped with flushed doors mounted in a light weight, cement isolated steel frame. The trial piece had dims of approx. 3700 x 2500mm. The panel had dims of 2470 x 1330mm and the door 2350 x 124 mm.

Our objective was to reach min. 60 minutes, but we even achieved 74 minutes! Attached you the photo which was made at the 74th minute, at the end of the test.