Sliding doors

REINÆRDT makes the difference when it comes to sliding door systems. There is not only thought about increasing the ease of use but also to the appearance and the requested functionality. Sliding door systems are produced for years for both the residential and utility construction. They are more familiar than you think!

The sliding doors are available in different versions and there will be continuously worked on the developments of these products. We offer a complete element: door, frame and hardware. There are applications with 30 and 60 minutes fire resistance, sound resistant solutions up to 42 dB Rw'p and glass openings with a 30 minute fire resistance.

Thanks to certified solutions (bases on European standards), the systems meet the specifications and demanding applications within different segments including care and education. Our specialists think along with you. Also when it comes to service. This way REINÆRDT helps to create a perfect offer.

A small detail makes a big difference!